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Period Lock

Drill down report facility is a key feature of Tally. The user can reach a voucher entry level from the drill down report. This feature at times becomes hindrance in data security. The data becomes susceptible to intentional or unintentional back dated changes. E.g. if after completion of periodic audit process if someone makes changes in the data the validity of Audit is lost. To overcome the situation we have developed a tool wherein Administrator can set a locking period. If any user (other than Administrator) tries to make addition/ deletion or alteration of data in a locked period, the action is disallowed by this solution. This is a perfect tool for locking the data and it overrides the regular security features set by the administrator. The tool is useful not only for the users to but for the Auditors and Tax consultants.


Key Features :


1. Easy to set lock period (Lock From & Lock To) using advance Auto Period Set option...

2. Except admin, no one is allowed to create/delete/cancel/alter transaction in locked period.

3. Facility to view full entry without any changes.

4. Very useful tool for Auditor & Tax consultants.