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Everyone accepts that Data Back-up should be taken every day to rescue ourselves from loss of data due to any reason.  In spite of this we receive 2-3 calls every day about loss of Tally data and possibility of recovering the same.  Why this happens? The simple reason is that very few people take pains to take daily back up at the end of the day.  Spending time for taking back-up is like spending for Life Insurance premium. We pay insurance premium as the death is unavoidable but untimely death can create lots of problems to the family.  We make arrangement to make insurance premium automatically by giving standing instructions to the bankers.  Same thought we can apply to Tally data and a system to which standard instruction could be set to take Tally data backup at regular time interval.  We started our work in this direction and finally now we are equipped with the solution called – Tally Seat Belt – Auto ZIP Backup utility.

What is Tally Seat Belt?

This is a utility that works with Tally.erp9. When enabled it will Zip the Individual Company folder and place it in a location set by the user. This is an excellent tool for maintaining back up of the Tally Data.

Does it work automatically?

Yes the Zip action takes place automatically at the time interval set by the user. Also it initiates zip action on close of the company.

What could be the time interval for Zip Action?

The time interval can be as low as 1 min or more. However, it is not practicable to set one min interval for data back-up. Depending upon the average daily Transactions one can set the time interval between 15 min to 2 hour. The more the transactions the lesser should be the time interval.



Can User activate this action manually also?

Yes, user can initiate this action at any time through Tally Menu.

This situation occurs when user completes the data entry of important and critical transaction such as Finalization JVs and he does not want to wait for the Auto Back-up Action.

Can user set the location for zip files?

Yes, User can define a Location for storing zip files of the data. Separate location for storage of zip files can set for each company. The location could be anywhere on the server or any computer across the LAN.

What is the security for the Zip files?

The zip files are protected BY PASSWORD and can be extracted by entering the password.

Can the Location of Zip Files be on FTP server?

Yes destination for Back-up data could be FTP server. However, this facility can be provided only on request. The default solution will not have this facility.

How to recognize which zip file has what data?

The zip file created is automatically named in such a way that one knows the date and time at which it is created. The file name follows the convention:

e.g. file is created on May 5, 2015 at 20:08 i.e. 8.08 pm

Can I get a Trial Version?

Yes, Trial version valid for 15 days will be made available to any Tally user. To get trial version send request by mail to .

Can this utility be used to take back-up of data other than Tally?

This utility works with Tally.erp9 only. If specifically required, we can make it work for taking back up of data other than Tally on special request. However, in such case Tally should be running continuously.

Do I need any other software to run this utility?

WinZip software is necessary to be installed on your computer. This can be freely down loaded from Internet. One of the sites that gives free download winZip software is