TDS Scrutiny

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TDS Scrutiny

  1. TDS Auditing is the process that requires concentration and a very stable mind.
  2. It has to be time bound and depends upon availability of the data from client.
  3. There are due dates for the audit process and penalties for the delays.
  4. Unfortunately the work load gets concentrated in the last few days before due date.
  5. It therefore becomes a pains taking job.
  6. TDS is one of the areas of Audit Process and requires 100% scrutiny.
  7. Income Tax Department is more interested in the entries where TDS is not deducted. 

 Here is a Tool that will make the process simpler and faster.


Features of TDS Scrutiny Module:


1. For the purpose of scrutiny it extracts the Data pertaining to

    Party Ledgers

    Expense Ledgers &

    TDS (Tax) Ledgers and shows in a single screen.

2. Audit professional can make the settings on the ledgers such as applicability of  TDS, Applicable Section, PAN Number and the assigning Corporate/ Non Corporate flag. (This process has to be done only once).

3. The Data relating to Vouchers relevant for TDS scrutiny is extracted in one stroke and the report files can be opened in EXCEL. The scrutiny work then can be done in EXCEL using many inbuilt features of EXCEL such as Sorting, filtering, pivot etc.

4. The Reports generated provide:

                    List of All expense Vouchers

                    List of Expense vouchers wherein Tax is deducted

                    List of Expense Vouchers wherein TDS is not deducted.

                    Vouchers wherein single voucher having Multiple expense heads.

 The format of all these Reports is uniform.

5. The Reports get generated with blazing speed. A report having about 8000-8500 lines get generated in less than 2 minutes.

6. The reports get generated in pre-defined folder and one can open the same in EXCEL.

7. All the Professional friends are well aquaianted with EXCEL and can make use of Filtering, sorting and summarizing options for scrutiny. E.g. If the report is filtered on Party Name one can get party wise expenses booked and the TDS deducted thereon. 

8. The Tally users from Construction sector, Hospitals, Educational Institutional institutions or for that matter all those for whom Tax Audit is compulsory, can make use of this module and generate reports every month, scrutinize and make corrections and provide the data to the consultant for filing.

9. When the data is scrutinized on monthly basis the Annual Audit process will be faster and smoother.