Project ERP


Managing multiple projects simultaneously can indeed be a challenging task. Each project could be at a different stage, and keeping track of timelines, procurements, deliverables, and compliances for each one can be tough.

Moreover, businesses that have both manufacturing and trading operations face additional complexity. They need to manage a mix of different types of operations, each with its own set of challenges.

Estimating project profitability or loss at any given point in time is another significant challenge. It requires a deep understanding of the project’s progress, costs incurred, and revenues generated.

Our Project ERP solution addresses all these areas efficiently. By providing a comprehensive view of each project’s status and financial performance, it enables businesses to make informed decisions and take timely action.

Special Project Menu

A separate menu for project-related operations can indeed make it easier for users to manage their tasks efficiently. This approach keeps everything organized and easily accessible, which can greatly enhance productivity.


Extended Masters

Solution provides a comprehensive way to manage and categorize projects in Tally. Masters such as Segments, Region, Locations, Departments, Divisions, Sales Person etc., enhances the flexibility and depth. This feature is very useful for MIS reporting as it allows for detailed categorization and tracking of various aspects of projects. Moreover, capturing this information at the entry level with many-to-many co-relations ensures that all relevant data is recorded and available for analysis.

Project Based Transactions

Comprehensive solution for managing project details across various business cycles. From the Purchase Cycle to the Sales Cycle, and for every single expense, the ability to capture respective project details with extended masters on a many-to-many scale is indeed a powerful feature which helps tracking and management of projects effectively but also facilitates the generation of required MIS reports.


Business Performance Report

Track and analyze the status of various projects in real-time / Mange Inventory Levels / Order Mangement / Track of Outstandings / Profitability of each Project / Customized Reports as required...

Complementary Capabilities

Project Document Management, AMC Management, Warranty Details, Security Deposit Management (for Tender based project), Bulk Email, Reminder System for various activities, Custom Printing Formats and many more...